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Mission Statement 

Our goal is to empower young individuals by offering mentorship and life skills development, emphasizing education and character-building through athletics. Our program aims to inspire and prepare students to become well-rounded individuals, cultivating traits such as scholarship, good citizenship, and personal growth. By utilizing athletics as a means for character development, we strive to instill values such as teamwork, resilience, and discipline in our students. Ultimately, our mission is to enable them to excel academically, lead fulfilling lives, and make positive contributions to their communities.

Get to Know Us

Our vision is to empower middle school-aged athletes to unlock their full potential and lead successful lives. We achieve this by providing a mentorship and life skills program that enhances their academic performance and lifestyle through a combination of education and athletics. We aim to equip these young individuals with the tools and guidance necessary to excel both on and off the field, helping them develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared for future success.


Our Programs and Services


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The Feeder Football League was founded with the goal of enhancing the cognitive growth of pre-teen boys in middle school. Our primary aim is to empower these individuals to improve their way of life by combining education and athletics. Our program consists of mentorship and a comprehensive life skills curriculum, which helps support their academic and athletic pursuits, as well as their overall development.

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Education is the New Currency

4th & Goal Mentoring provides tutoring services specifically designed for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student-athletes. The aim of this program is to enhance their understanding of the "Student Athlete" role. The participants will receive support in various areas such as homework, test-taking strategies, note-taking techniques, and time management skills, all of which are essential for a successful student-athlete.


Your Words Can Make a Difference

At 4th & Goal, we believe that the words we speak can have a profound impact on a child's life. We aim to provide positive and uplifting messages to encourage each child to make smart decisions and avoid harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. Our mission is to educate and empower students with the knowledge they need to comprehend the risks associated with substance abuse, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about their own lives.

Fundraising Opportunities

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

4th & Goal Mentoring and Athletics is dedicated to uplifting the lives of youth in the Litchfield Park/Phoenix community through our diverse range of programs. Our Fundraising Opportunities are meticulously crafted to equip youngsters with the essential tools necessary for becoming impactful leaders in the future. Serving as the driving force behind the development of our children, we take pride in contributing to their growth and aspire to consistently make a positive difference in their lives.

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5705 Castano Dr. Litchfield Park, Maricopa County 85340 USA


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